The Best Cigar Cutters that will give you a Perfect Slice when Making Cigars

Quality of cigars starts with the most basic things like how you cut your cigars to size. Some customers may be so petty to a point where they will check if the edge you have just cut is perfect or not. And because quality of a cigar starts with how it has been sliced, then it is crucial to be aware of the best cigar cutters that you can find use with the aim of producing a quality cut. There are a number of cigar cutters that have been considered the best for years but cigar makers may prefer that which you have always preferred because preferences are different. Here are some of the best cigar cutters to choose from.

Examples of the best Cigar cutters found in the market

The Cuban Crafters Perfect Cigar Cutter is one of the best cigar cutter you can ever find. Some may not like it but is good because it does exactly that which expect. The best think about this cigar cutter is that the blades are so thin and are made of stainless steel. This means that they are both accurate and will cut the exact piece off the tip of the cigar when making your cigars. On the other hand, the blades do not rust or stain easily. The handling ring has a thickness of up to gauge 54 and this means that it is very strong and it can even snap a finger off.

There is also the Alaska Bear Double Cut. It is very unique as far as the external appearances are concerned. From a distance, it looks like a pair of scissors but the only thing that appear different is its round shaped cutting section. It is within this cutting section that you will find a stainless steel embedded in it. Given the length of the effort section, this cigar cutter produces a very clean cut and you will never find a roughly lacerated edge since it is one of the cigar cutter.

The Lotus Jaws is also another famous cigar cutter that has been in the market for a very long period of time. The outward appearance is oval and the cutting knife is found within the inner circular space. This is where you place your cigar, position is and chop the unwanted end of. Besides being cheap, it is the best cigar cutter you can ever find.